New Zealand Apostilles for Diplomas

We can assist you to have your New Zealand diploma affixed with an apostille for use overseas.

If you plan on using your New Zealand diploma outside of New Zealand, the document will need to be affixed with an apostille to ensure that it is recognized as authentic and is accepted by overseas governments and organizations. The apostille on your diploma will not certify that the contents of the document are true, but will show that the diploma has been sighted by a Notary or Court official who has confirmed that the copy is an unaltered version of the original diploma.

The apostille on your diploma will be recognized in all of the 103 countries currently party to the Hague Convention for Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents.

In order to obtain a New Zealand apostille on your own documents you will first need to have your diploma certified by a Notary Public and then have the Notary’s seal and signature authenticated by the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs, and then have the entire document affixed and bound with an apostille. Carrying out the process yourself can be time and resource consuming, and in most cases it is cheaper and easier to utilize our services.

To order an apostille on your diploma please complete our order form, contact us, or call us directly on +64 7 8080 444.

Once we receive the original of your diploma at our office and confirm your payment, we will have a copy of the document certified by a recognized official, and then affixed with a New Zealand apostille. We will monitor the entire apostille process on your behalf to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays or complications, and that your documents are ready for use in the quickest possible time. Upon completion, the original diploma and your newly apostilled copy will be delivered to you or any address you specify around the world. Your apsotille will be couriered via a registered international courier in order to ensure the quickest and surest possible delivery time. The entire process of obtaining an apostille on your diploma can take as little as three working days, and your documents could be delivered back to you within a week.

In cases when your New Zealand diploma will be used in countries which are not party to the Hague Convention, we can also arrange for your apostilled diploma to be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a Consulate of the country where the documents will be used.

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