How to get a New Zealand Apostille

Apostilles are designed to make it easier to use your documents overseas, however, sometimes the process of obtaining the Apostille yourself can seem like a lot of work.

New Zealand apostilles are essential for anyone wishing to use New Zealand issued document overseas, regardless of whether the document is an original issued by a New Zealand institution; an original issued by a New Zealand government department; or a new legal document.

New Zealand apostilles can be obtained by yourself or can be organized with help of a New Zealand apostille specialist, and, in many cases, recruiting the help of a professional will be easier, faster and cheaper than doing it yourself.

In order for us to organize an apostille on your documents on your behalf you simply need to send the original to our office, and in a few short days you will receive your documents back affixed with a New Zealand apostille. No other steps are needed from your side, and all that left for you to do is to sit back and get on with more important things.

On the other hand, if you wish to obtain the apostille yourself without the help of New Zealand Document Consulting, you will have to follow a few procedures. First, in order to obtain a New Zealand apostille you have to determine whether a document must first be Notarized before being presented to the Department of Internal Affairs. Documents which have been issued by approved government departments, and which bear the correct seals, signatures and letterheads, can be affixed with a New Zealand apostille without first being certified by a Public Notary. All other documents must be Notarized, a process that can take several days, and will carry a significant cost. After you determine the nature of the documents, and follow any necessary certification requirements you still need to provide them to the Department of Internal Affairs to be processed, a step which can take several more days, and which carries its own cost.

Regardless of which option you chose to obtain your New Zealand apostille, your documents will be ready for use overseas, however, if you chose to obtain an apostille through us, you will have saved hours of your time, days of waiting, and a significant amount of money.

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