Apostille Certification

Using public documentation outside of New Zealand can be a process frought with cumbersome formalities and time consuming bureaucracy. Apostille Certificates can help resolve these issues when carrying out business in any of the nations participating in the Hague Convention, as your documents will automatically be accepted as genuine.

In contrast, if the country in which the document will be used is not a participant of the Hague Convention, the document is required to be authenticated, or “legalised” by an appropriate representative of the target country, while still in New Zealand. Obviously this can be an onerous and time consuming task, not to mention a financial burden. Furthermore, while a document affixed with an Apostille Certificate is accepted in all participating countries, a legalised document is only valid in the jurisdiction of the issuing country.

The process of having your documents affixed with an Apostille Certificate is relatively simple. Initially, the selected documents will need to be notarised by a Notary Public, judge or registrar, while still in New Zealand. These documents could include contracts, powers of attorney, educational documents, and Chamber of Commerce certificates. Any document already bearing a seal and signature of an approved government agency are no subject to notarization requirements. Appropriate New Zealand Government departments will then authenticate the essential features of the document, such as the seal and signature, and stamp it as lawful, authentic and genuine. Upon the completion of this verification the department will issue a certificate, entitled the “Apostille Certificate”. It should be noted that the Apostille Certificate verifies the legality, genuineness and authenticity of a document, however it does not certify the document or prove it.

Apostille Certificates are accepted in the following countries (the link will open contact information for an apostille authority in the selected country):

If you are looking for an Apostille certificate from a country other than New Zealand, please click on the appropriate country below for contact information on a local Apostille authority.