Offline Order Instructions

Offline Documents Include:

Company Minutes, Directors Resolutions, Shareholders Resolutions,Birth/Death/Marriage Certificate, Inland Revenue Department (IRD) Stamped Document, Change Of Name Certificate, New Zealand Qualification Authority stamped document, NZ Court stamped document, New Zealand Food Safely Authority (NZFSA) stamped document, Document witness by NZ Notary public, Criminal Conviction Leter from the Ministry of Justice, NZ Police stamped document, Power of Attorney, Driving License, Medical Certificate, Contract/Agreement, Passport, New Zealand Degree/Diploma/Certificate, New Zealand Education Transcript, Chamber of Commerce Certificate, Corporate/Business Document, Certified Translation of NZ Document.

To attain an appostille on any of these documents you will need to provide us with your company name and company number, along with the original copies of the documents through the post (we recommend you use a registered courier).

Post the completely form and original documents to the address in the top right corner of the form.
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1) Download the form.
2) Print the form
3) Complete the form as shown below
Select the number of each type of document you requier from group A.
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Select which shipping option you requiere.
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Calculate the total cost.
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Enter the details of your processed payment.
Payments can be made using PayPal, Bank Transfer, or NZ Cheque.
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Enter shipping address, or tick the “same as above” box
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We will process all documents as soon as we receive all required information and payment, we will try our best to do this as soon as possible. The estimated before-shipment time approximately 1 week, but we cannot make any guarantees. You will receive prompt email notification as soon as we receive your documents, payment and order.