Notary Public

Notary Publics in New Zealand are lawyers who have been specially appointed and officially authorized to witness signatures on documents and certify the authenticity of documents for use overseas or as part of the process for preparing documents for apostille.

Currently there are nearly 150 Notary Publics in New Zealand who are able to provide the document certification services needed as part of the New Zealand apostille process.

The requirements for becoming a Notary Public in New Zealand are strict, and are enforced by the New Zealand Society of Notaries. Each applicant will be judged based on their personal and professional qualifications, and must have a minimum of seven years of working experience, hold the position of Partner, and must be endorsed by two already serving Notary Publics. Consideration will also be given whether an additional Notary Public is required in the area where they wish to serve.

Notary Publics provide their document certification services to members of the public. The exact procedures required to certify a document will vary between each Notary Public, but will generally involve the client making an appointment to present the original documents and the copies to be sighted and certified. In most cases, the client will be required to bring ID, and may be requested to provide scanned copies of the documents beforehand. The cost to the public for the document certification services can vary between each provider and the nature of the documents. In many cases it is easier to seek the assistance of the document consultant, who already has a working relationship with the Notary Public and may be able to organize the entire procedure quicker, easier and cheaper than doing it yourself.